Julie Larese

A legend, a philanthropist, a humanitarian… may be ways to describe Julie. Although he certainly was each and every one of these, he was also a friend to all (young and old) in our community. One cannot try to put into words all the wonderful things he did in Bristol for organizations, schools, churches and many departments around the City. Julie always found time to listen to one’s problems and somehow found a way to solve it. No problem was too big or too small for Julie to tackle.  Many of us will never know how many times he was truly responsible for many humanitarian efforts– which he made sure were not publicized.  In his participation and promotion of sports events in Bristol and throughout the State, he always demanded 100% performance– nothing less.  The City of Bristol was blessed with such a great, giving person.  People of Bristol will always think of Julie as ‘the big guy’ who, although he looked like a giant, had the heart of a lion. He was considered Mr. Park Street, The Godfather, Big Julie, and Big Brother and was really the kindest, softest, and most loving person, who cared about his people… the young, the old, his family, and also the welfare of Bristol.

Thanks, Julie… You’re a legend.

Our founder, Julie Larese