The Lydia Jabs Bailey Award

Lydia was born and raised in Bristol.  She attended Immanuel Lutheran School and Bristol High School.  In high school, she became known for her outstanding athletic abilities in tennis, volleyball, and basketball.  She graduated in 1935 as one of the best female athletes known to Bristol.  In 1936, she broke the world’s single score record in duckpin bowling.  Lydia was the leading duckpin scorer from the 1930s to the 1950s.  Lydia was the first and only female to bowl in the “A” Mercantile League.  In the 1940s, she captured 4 first-place titles in the Ralph Strong Tennis Tournaments.  Lydia worked 40 years for the Bristol Board of Education before retiring in 1977.  Lydia is best known as the best all-around woman athlete of the time.  The nominee must be female and involved in athletics.

Award Winners

2020Patricia Tomkil Johnson
2019Jillian Sullivan
2018Chryss Watts
2017Tami “Chap” Chapman
2016BriAnne Bruni Newman
2015Meegan Wright Martin
2014Stacy Mills Rivoira
2013Michelle Guerette
2012Jen Hadley
2011Stacey Porrini-Clingan
2010 Tamara Stafford-Kirk
2009Ginny Ziogas Torreso
2008Kim Corbin Varasconi
2007Kristen Peterson Blandino
2006Kathy Ferrier Gibson
2005Patti Kalat
2004Dee Valerio Matyka
2003 Gail Ericson
2002Beverly Strong
2001Maryellen Holden
2000Laura Lishness
1999 Joanne Galati
1997Debby James
1996St. Stan’s Ladies Basketball Team