The Charles “Chuck” McCarthy Award

Chuck began working for the Bristol Press in 1932 at the age of 19. He is most remembered for his fairness in reporting sports news…local and national. He retired in 1977. Chuck managed and played outfield for the local team called the “Cards”. He served his country in World War II from 1941 to 1945.  The individual nominated must be involved in athletics as it pertains to press activities, public relations, or media.

Award Winners

2020David Hernandez
2019Leonard Bagni
2018Chris D’Amato
2017David R. Cichon
2016Harry “Whitey” Dudzinski
2015Dominic Perno
2014George Synnott
2013Marty Hurwitz
2012Jim Nocera
2011Hank Lodge
2010John Fortunato
2009Vito Colapinto
2008Jack Hines
2007Paul LaFleur
2006Adrian Wojnarowski
2005Gary Palladino
2004Phil Pirog
2003Tom Monahan
2002Bob Montgomery
2001David Greenleaf
2000Keith Freeman & Jack Lautier
1999James Ziogas Jr.
1998Al Apruzzese
1997Tony Floyd
1996American Legion Post #2
1994Jerry Carpenter
1993Andy Palau
1992Johnie Floyd
1991Edward Phelan, Jr.
1990Edmund E. Ganem
1989Richard J. Jackson, Sr.
1988Armand Choiniere
1987Joseph “Sarge” Riley
1986Dr. James Gilhuly
1985George “Yosh” Redman
1984James “Jimmy” Kane
1983Roger Godbout
1982Eddie Vaughan
1981John T. Reardon